Introduction to Julia Eudy

Julia Eudy - the conversation consultant

Julia Eudy The Conversation Consultant

Julia is a person of many talents.  She is both highly creative (in design and wordcraft) and very technically adept but is also very emotionally intuitive and spiritually motivated.  When she was young she was drawn to technology and human behavior. Ever since she could remember she had a unique ability to understand what another person was feeling beyond that of basic empathy.  She studied psychology to better understand her God-given gift and learned to embrace it and apply it to her career in marketing and communications.  The more she worked with people in refining how to improve their communications, her gift of clairaudience grew.  She learned how human behavior has changed due to technology and varied ways she can help companies and professionals better navigate the emotional chatter their clients face to help their brand stand out and be heard.

She is an avid learner of both technology and psychology and how the internet tracks behavioral data.  Today, she works closely with professionals and brands to teach them how to create better conversations with their target audience using her unique gifts, skills, and internet data trails to prove her methodology.   She also mentors students seeking technology or marketing careers and sees more effective communications as a way to help individuals seek and attain personal clarity and improvement in their mental, physical, or spiritual path.

In 2002, Julia led a team of professionals who support businesses from varied industries to market their brand through her marketing agency, Golden Services Group, LLC.  In 2019, she moved into a consultant role where she supports business professionals in better understanding emotional intelligence and how better understanding their client’s emotions can help them develop more effective communications and longer-lasting relationships.  In addition to consulting, Julia has conducted courses and presentations on the topics of Technology and Human Behavior and also teaches classes on similar topics at St. Charles Community College and through her consultant practice as “The Conversation Consultant”.

Her Quirky Side

Here is how Julia explains her gift of “clairaudience”:

“When people hear “clairaudience,” they think of a Medium or a Psychic and I have never claimed to be either.  I have never really gotten information that predicts the future, nor do I really want to.  Ever since I was a child, I have had a deep connection to spiritual beings, particularly Angels, Elementals, and a group of Divine Beings who identified themselves as the Brotherhood of Light, of which Jesus is included. Like some who practice Mediumship professionally, I can clearly hear these Beings speak to me both through meditation and telepathically as I go about my day.  I admit, at first, it was a little weird; but now, I am so used to it I think my life would be boring without it.  That said, the messages are typically about what I’m facing at the moment – either with me or my family personally, or even with a client.  Very rarely have they pointed out something to me about a stranger other than to help them at that minute in a kind manner, but I very seldom get the full story of why.  If I ask a specific question and am with someone who has given consent for me to be included in their energetic field, then yes, I can sometimes receive answers like a “Medium”, but I typically do not receive direct messages from passed loved ones unless the person is receptive.  Even then, the messenger is typically my Guide or Angels.

Shortly after the birth of my second daughter in 1996, I struggled with depression.  My faith, connections to these Beings, and a quest for information eventually pulled me through but I emerged with a stronger ability to communicate with my spiritual realm and a new pile of books – mostly about psychology, empathy, and human behavior.  As I read books, I felt as if I was also learning those skills at hyper-speed and could quickly apply the knowledge like I’d known it for years.  No doubt, in a time when technology was changing quickly, I felt like I was being supercharged in learning how technology and human behavior were inter-twined.  In 2002, when I launched my own marketing and communications company I clearly felt that I had an advanced multi-faceted grasp of how digital marking worked.  Additionally, I had a vast perception of what was working and why, and what was failing and why.  I used this knowledge to help brands more quickly engage with their audience and could set-up the system to help them validate responses through data tracking to prove their ROI.

The more data I obtained, I became more aware of how to interpret the perception a company’s audience had of their brand.  I was able to intuitively follow their thought process, like connecting dots or plotting an algorithm process, and I could see what caught their interest and what was lost in the digital chatter.  The more I followed the data, it was calculated in the algorithm that processed in my mind, and I could anticipate their likes as well as their dislikes which became a game-changer in my ability to greatly improve a brand’s short-term and long-term results.

Even today, I welcome my Spiritual Team into my work to show me how I can best serve a brand in helping it connect with its customers.  Mostly, I simply listen to my own intuition and apply it to my work.  Empathic Intelligence and Clairaudience are now a constant part of who I am and a really unique asset to the value of service I can provide for others. ”  – Julia Eudy 

Career Experience

In all positions Julia has held, she has always been the person to take the initiative to learn more.  This ambition has helped her explore new perspectives on human behavior and the roles common sense, confidence, and empathy can play in the workplace and the community.  Specific positions she has held include:

  • Team Leader
  • Conversation Strategist
  • Brand Manager
  • Operational Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Corporate Trainer
  • Curriculum Development
  • Copy Writer
  • Event Coordinator
  • Property Manager
  • GDPR Data Manager
  • Accounting (AP/AR)
  • Production Assistant
  • Travel Coordinator
  • Speaker
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Educator

Some of the Brands Supported

  • Wetterau, Inc.
  • SuperValu Inc.
  • Shop’n Save
  • Pony Express
  • Contractor Success Group
  • International Service Leadership
  • Fastlane Savings
  • Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri
  • HMA Hotels
  • St. Charles Community College
  • Golden Services Group, LLC
  • McDonald’s
  • Gynecologic Surgery, LTD
  • Kick International
  • Electro Image LLC
  • TechEd Tutors
  • Hampton Inn by Hilton
  • Breakthrough The Movie
  • Boys & Girls Club
  • Rescue Our Kids
  • Conscious Activation International
  • Three Rivers Beekeepers

Technical Skills

  • WordPress (85%)
  • Google Analytics (85%)
  • Search Engine Optimization (75%)
  • Copy Writing (95%)
  • Microsoft Word (87%)
  • Microsoft Excel (85%)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint (85%)
  • Microsoft Publisher (87%)
  • eCommerce (varied tools)
  • Adobe Illustrator (45%)
  • Adobe Photoshop (65%)
  • HTML (55%)
  • CSS (45%)
  • SASS (35%)
  • SalesForce (45%)
  • Video Editing (60%)
  • Podcast Production (35%)
  • HootSuite (75%)
  • Facebook Business Manager (75%)
  • Asana Project Manager (65%)
  • MailChimp (75%)
  • Constant Contact (75%)
  • Server Management (60%)
  • DNS Management (75%)

Soft Skills

  • Native Language: English
  • Excellent Written Communications
  • Leadership
  • Interpersonal
  • Emotional Empath
  • Clairaudient
  • Problem Solver
  • Strong Work Ethic
  • Public Speaker
  • Big-Picture Thinker
  • Detailed and Organized
  • Avid Learner
  • Team Player
  • Dependable
  • Flexible
  • Public Speaking
  • Customer Focused

Certifications & Education

St. Louis Community College
Associate in Applied Science
Administrative Office Systems
(Finished with 78 CR/HR)

Additional Courses & Certificates

  • Basics of Graphic Design & Publishing (3 CR/HR)
  • Business Management (6 CR/HR)
  • Advanced Marketing (9 CR/HR
  • Adobe Illustrator (8 CR/HR)
  • Mastering Quickbooks (14 CPC)
  • Advanced Database Design (9 CR/HR)
  • Web Design-HTML/CSS (3 CR/HR)
  • Social Media Marketing (3 CR/HR)
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Can Julia Help You?

Your Brand and how it is perceived as important to your growth.  Treating people the way they want to be treated is builds both respect and trust in your audience.  Helping you identify where you can improve your conversation to help develop greater respect and trust, is Julia’s specialty.  To discover how her unique perspective can help you stand out and be seen, it begins with you taking the next step to start a conversation.

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