Julia Eudy - the conversation consultant

Julia Eudy, The Conversation Consultant

My Story

I have been told that I am a person of many talents, and I guess it is true.  In my experience, I find very few people who have the ability to be both highly creative (both in design and wordcraft) yet also very process and analytical focused.  Ever since I was young I had a quirky hobby of studying human behavior, but it took the book by Dr. Elaine Aron called “The Highly Sensitive Person” that finally explained how I perceive the world. In her book, Dr. Aron describes a behavioral trait that impacts approximately 15-20% of the population called Sensory-Processing Sensitivity.  It turns out that as a “highly sensitive person” my knowledge on human behavior also turned-on an internal radar that has both created an internal understanding about myself and others, and played an interesting role in my career focusing on the “gap” in the conversation.  It is this focus that drives me to seek difference.  As an advocate for their target audience, I examine their brand under a different lense and approach their marketing from a different perspective – that of the customer and what they would like to know to help them move forward with doing business with a brand. Let me explain…

The Story of My Dots

I remember a time early in my career sitting in a corporate board room to discuss a product launch.  As key executives explained the product, in my internal mind, I began to visualize a scattering of “dots”.  As each person went on to explain the marketing strategy, promotional materials needed and the communication strategy, each of these conversations created a new scattering of mental dots.  At first, it created a little overwhelming feeling, but I kept it to myself and tried to focus on my role which at that time, was an Administrator for the Sales Team.  As I reviewed the notes from the meeting, the dots began to move from cluttered chaos in my head to an organized communication strategy with the targeted audience.  It was this organization that helped me identify gaps in the conversation and the delivery process, so I returned to the Launch team and began to ask key questions that were left undiscussed. Those key questions led to critical enhancements to the marketing conversations and delivery strategy that both reduced liabilities and improved audience reach.  It also eventually led to key advancements in my career!

As technology entered the market, and digital communications began to play a more important role in how a company or brand presented themselves to the world, those dots went into hyperdrive.  Thankfully, I was already comfortable with their presence in my life, so kicking-it-up a notch was fine, but my skill focus began to adapt. Already an avid reader and creative person, the “gap” for me personally was the technical know-how to make my creative knowledge useful in a new, digital world. Before too long I had taught myself HTML and CSS and was already contributing to the web designs of corporate brands.  For me, the conversation strategy moving from in-person or print to digital was the same, just a different tool to get the job done.

In 2002, I left the corporate world and launched my own company focused on helping brands translate their marketing conversations to a digital world.  While my company was doing well, I noticed something had changed.  The dots began to fade.  This was when I saw for myself, how mundane and somewhat angry the online conversations had become.  More importantly, how information overload had impacted the brand’s ability to connect with their target audience.  With so much information, so many brands, and the inability to clearly identify who to trust, their audience became overwhelmed with the same boring options.  It was in this discovery that the Dot’s returned.  They were clearly showing me that their purpose in my special little world was to show me where the conversations of Brands needed to change to help them improve, stand out and be seen.

Career Experience

In all positions I have held, I’ve always been the person to take the initiative to learn more.  This ambition has helped me to explore a new perspective on human behavior and the roles common sense, confidence and empathy can play in the workplace and the community.  Specific perspectives I have held include:

  • Team Leader
  • Conversation Strategist
  • Brand Manager
  • Operational Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Corporate Trainer
  • Curriculum Development
  • Copy Writer
  • Event Coordinator
  • Property Manager
  • Accounting (AP/AR)
  • Production Assistant
  • Travel Coordinator
  • Speaker
  • Chief Executive Officer

Brands I Have Supported With Marketing & Communications

  • Wetterau, Inc.
  • SuperValu Inc.
  • Shop’n Save
  • Pony Express
  • Contractor Success Group
  • International Service Leadership
  • Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri
  • HMA Hotels
  • St. Charles Community College
  • Golden Services Group, LLC
  • McDonald’s
  • Gynecologic Surgery, LTD
  • TechEd Tutors
  • Breakthrough The Movie
  • Boys & Girls Club

Specific Technical Skills

  • WordPress (85%)
  • Google Analytics (85%)
  • Search Engine Optimization (75%)
  • Copy Writing (95%)
  • Microsoft Word (87%)
  • Microsoft Excel (85%)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint (85%)
  • Microsoft Publisher (87%)

LinkedIn ProfileJulia Eudy

  • eCommerce (varied tools)
  • Adobe Illustrator (45%)
  • Adobe Photoshop (65%)
  • HTML (55%)
  • CSS (45%)
  • SASS (35%)
  • SalesForce (45%)
  • Video Editing (60%)
  • Podcast Production (35%)
  • HootSuite (75%)
  • Facebook Business Manager (75%)
  • Asana Project Manager (65%)
  • MailChimp (75%)
  • Constant Contact (75%)
  • Server Management (60%)
  • DNS Management (75%)

How Can I Help You?

Your Brand and how it is perceived is important to your growth.  Treating people the way they want to be treated is builds both respect and trust in your audience.  Helping you identify where you can improve your conversation to help develop greater respect and trust, is my specialty.  To discover how my unique perspective can help you stand out and be seen, it begins with you taking the next step to start a conversation.

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